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Nagaland Health Project (NHP)  


            The Nagaland Health Project was first conceived in the year 2012 with the support of the World Bank.

         Project preparation was initiated with the support of Technical Support Group from the World Bank in the selected
    sites from 27th Feb. 2013.

         The detail Preliminary Project Report was submitted to the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) on May 8th

         Formal Presentation by the State to DEA on Technical Assistance to Screening Committee was made on 15th May

         Clearance of the Proposal for investment in Health Department in Nagaland from the Department of North East
    Region(DONER), line ministry and Department of Expenditure.

         The Project was approved by the Govt. of India after multiple meetings/ screening committee by DEA on 24th Jan

         Project Preparation Advance (PPA) was approved between the DEA and the World Bank on the 17th August, 2014.

         The Final negotiation with Govt. of India (DEA) and World Bank was signed on 4th Nov 2016.

  The Project So Far has

  •        As per the Project Preparatory Advance agreement an advance of USD 1 million has been sanctioned
     for the preparation of the Nagaland Health Project which is to be utilized by 31st of March, 2017.

    With the PPA the following activities are undertaken

  •      17 sites have been taken up for the pilot phase in Peren and Tuensang districts for Community Action for
    health & Nutrition (Component -1), All 17 sites have completed the first RBF cycle  in two phase and are due
    for the next RBF.

  •       Water & Sanitation: Stakeholders meeting is proposed on 9th March 2017 for Pilot sites of WATSAN.

  •       Alternative Energy - Solar: Opening and Evaluation of the Bid for pilot site is completed. Firms selected. Awaiting
    NOC from Bank on BER.

  •      Site assessment for both water harvesting and solar energy has been done in all 177 sites across different districts in Nagaland.

  •       ICT & Supply Chain Management: Procurement policy for the Department of H&FW has been prepared. Format for  Assessment of reporting mechanism of all the programs under DHFW is under process.

  •     Procurement: PMU Office - Contract awarded to firm for construction of pre-fabricated office building, construction in progress.

  •       Project Management Consultancy: Final negotiation with the selected consultancy NRMC is completed. Contract agreement signing pending.

  •      Consultancy Service for Medical College: Extension of Proposal Validity of Medical College done till 31st March 2017, Draft negotiation pending.









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